HarrierToy for iPhone & iPad

Remember when you were a child and arranged imaginary battles between medieval knights, imperial Rome infantry, soldiers of the Second World War and aliens from outer space?... 

If you miss those feelings and you like flight simulators, try HarrierToy! 

HarrierToy is a simulator of the British AV-8B Harrier, which is known to be one of the first ground attack aircraft with vertical takeoff/landing capability. 

But this is not a simulator like the rest, in HarrierToy you will pilot a scale replica toy in various scenarios in which you will find a child's bedroom, a living room, a garage, or a backyard. 

Take off vertically, raise landing gear, arm your weapons and shoot down your enemies with your Harpoon, Sidewinder, and WE177 bombs, and land on a toy aircraft carrier waiting for you floating in the tub. And if the enemy shoot you down, activate the pilot ejection mechanism and try to land on an allied base... 

You have three mini-tutorials that will teach you to pilot the aircraft and shoot its weapons, a shooting gallery to train your shooting skills , and HarrierRally, a timed race where you can measure your skills and compare your times with other pilots in the Game Center. 

HarrierToy includes:

-Three training tutorials.
-Shooting gallery.
-Three campaigns:
-Awakenings (6 missions).
-To protect and serve (6 missions).
-Toy warfare (8 missions).

-Logistics and supplies menu, where you can incorporate improvements to the aircraft, and purchase various supplies.

And coming soon, DogFight multiplayer mode! ...


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